Monday, July 27, 2009

the elusive question

Why do we make art?????
If anyone has a good answer comment me!!
some of you guys surely do!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009



Boogie Woogie

Boogie Woogie is a book and now a film. I dont quite know how to describe it. In some ways its maybe a satire of the world of art, or maybe just an exploration of it, but ridiculised. I saw it at Edinburgh film festival and it really got me thinking about our relationship to art, as artists, buyers, dealers, outsiders, whatever; and where it features in our list of priorities. What is art to me?? its definitely not something to buy and sell, its something for eveyone. It should be a part of life, a constant source of inspiration and debate. I think everyone should be an artist, and live with art, not just in their homes but in their lives. this is what i think.

just thoughts...

As usual my thoughts are all over the place!! Im thinking about doing things but not doing anything! I wanted to put little green men like the ones on pedestrian lights around the city as a way to say GO ahead and do it to the public sort of. Now Im thinking about wheatpasting a footprint on the ground somewhere on my route to work, perhaps adding a new one on top every evening til i leave, but i dont think ill really do it. oh and what I am atually going to do is leave those pics from mine and eilishs collaborative conversation piece in a cafe called forest here in edinburgh if theyll have them! Or mybe at Out of the Blue in Leith! we'll see!
Im also starting to work on a series of images like my profile pic. basiclly self portraits in my bedroom door handle cos i really like them!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

some of my thoughts earlier this year

what i think about art

These are pics from the last project I did before college ended. It was inspired by Christos umbrella project, which i love because its beautiful and dramatic, and its outside and connecting with the world. I didnt know what this was, it was my attempt at just doing something and figuring it out afterwards. I really wanted to start working with the city, the involvement with the public, but I like to do it from an anonymous point of view. I like not being there. I guess to me the artist is only ever present in spirit or something. Theyre in the work, not the space. not physically there i guess. The myth of the artist and all that, if the artist is there its their work, you understand it as they do, not as you could.
Anyway, Im putting this up because it is the first step in the direction of the kind of stuff i want to be doing. i want to be doing stuff in the city, relatively anonymously. i think.!!! Like the piles of flour, i want to make stuff that make people think and question, but come to their own conclusions. It really didnt give us anything but time and space. Thats why it was amazing. Maybe ill do something like that in limerick. The only thing is can i call it art? can i get graded on it? personally i dont mind if it doesnt get called art, its life, its important, and its not the label i give it that matters. Im just realising I dont want to be a gallery type artist. I read a really interesting article the other day in a free magazine that replied to a comment (made by marcel duchamp i think) that said the best artists will go underground. it makes sense, art shouldnt be done for money, in my opinion, its that fluxus idea that art is life and life is art and thats the vibe i love and get in edinburgh and berlin. Art is everywhere and everyones making it. the best stuff is the stuff thats available to everyone.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Headspace

I just remembered this...Its a really quick video I made to try and describe my headspace.....scattered, always, no matter what I try...and probably better off that way!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Conversation Piece

This is a piece me and Eilish Tuite did toghether. Theres about 14 images, this is just a selection of my favourites. Im still hoping one day this will become a video piece!

ive been thinking

Its been far too long. Im in edinburgh nearly a monbth now. I was meant to be doing a piece of art every day of the whole summer and it hasnt happened. disappointed. But I have been thinking about art a lot. theres so much to put down here. yesterday me and sinead spent 3hours following arrows drawn in flour and little piles of flour round edinburgh city wondering where it led, who did it and why???????? it was a circle. after three hours we were back where we started! pain in the arse. it must have been an artists work!!!! still, id do it again. it was a whole range of emotions, a whole variety of views of the city and it made me think. the other thing thats in my mind is a film i saw called boogie woogie. iots about the art world. its a completely exaggerated version of the art world and its characters but its made me think about our relationship to art, our obsession with it, and perhaps life without it. It shows the collectors, dealers, artists, friends of artists...making choices between art and family or friends, and art as a business as oppossed to an art. its reall made me wonder about art in my life, where does it fit in?? its a big topic!!