Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Clock

This should have gone up ages ago!!! I made it aboout a year ago so the quality is rubbish! turn up your sound so you can hear the ticks!!

Old Sketch Books

I was looking through my old sketch books today and found this. It's the first page for the first project we did when we got into sculpture. It was a self-portrait project and I just find it really interesting that the next word I wrote down was appearance. I wonder would other people have put down something similar?! More interesting to me is that the arrow from that says "how important?". The finished piece was a sound piece and it has actually been in my thoughts a lot recently in relation to my current project second skin. The aim of that piece was to give the audience an impression of me as a person, without them ever seeing me, or being able to recognise me physically. I'm not sure exactly what the relations are between the old sound piece and my work now. I think in ways I am doing the opposite now. I am working directly from my physical appearance, but not giving a direct view of it. Also I am exploring the connections and seperations between my physical self and my Self. Finally I'm interested in Identity as an idea, a theory, more so than as a reality.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Second Skin

Looks like someone else had a similiar idea to me!!!! I've been thinking about the idea of a 'second skin', and making clothing to be that 'second skin': literally skin clothes...and here is Oliver Goulet's version.

Personally I'm not mad about his versions...for one I think the fabric still needs a lot of work if it's to look properly human, but also I intend to shape it completely differently.
Although it seems some interesting things have been made using his fabric

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yes Man

Danny Wallace's Yes Man is possibly one of the best books Ive read in ages ( and not just because I haven't finished most of the books I've started recently!!!)
Simply, it was inspiring. Maybe I shouldn't have to read a book to learn to be more positive but it certainly helped. I'm looking forward to JUST SAYING YES!!!!!!!!

ps I've hear d the movie's no great...and the trailer barely resembles the book!

Monday, October 19, 2009


"fucking amazing, life happened"
Couldnt put it better myself....Norway was great!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Im working on...

Since starting college again Ive started making masks of my own face. Im not quite sure where Im going with it but Im very interested in the idea of 'my skin', and the relationship I have with 'my skin'. This piece, by Marc Quinn, kind of epitommises what Im trying to explain...but hopefully Ill come up with something completely different!!!

Im also intereted in wallpaper or making wallpaper for some reason and came across this... I really like it!!! The artists name is Ariana Page Russell!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Self portraiture

This is a photo I took during the summer. Its kind of been the basis for the way Ive been thinking ever since. Along with my ideas that the best reason to make art is for yourself and noone else, and that the kind of art I wanted to make was honest. So I moved on towards portraiture. Now it scares me too much and Im backtracking. In some ways Id love to continue just because it scares me....would be good to get through that fear, but in another Im just not going to risk it. My new plan is to just make work and see what happens (which is sort of the original idea anyway!). So I guess whats important is to make sure Im making work, and developing it. SO here goes!