Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4th YEAR!!!

So it's been way too long!
My severe lack of internet access this summer has been , well, annoying! But also freeing methinks!
So now Im back and ready to roll again! Here's the catch-up...
Over the summer I spent time thinking about and reading about seeing. Since 'ways of seeing' it has been something I find incredibly interesting, but David Hockney is now the new master of it in my eyes (!). For me it is all related to my previous ideas on reality and fiction, and especially to my interest in photography, and even film. How we se what we see and why.
Ah, Im almost boring myself today so I'll leave with this...I plan to continue taking lots and lots of analogue pictures, and to start sketching from my pictures (hopefully by observing them so closely I can learn more from them about my intentions!