Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Old Sketch Books

I was looking through my old sketch books today and found this. It's the first page for the first project we did when we got into sculpture. It was a self-portrait project and I just find it really interesting that the next word I wrote down was appearance. I wonder would other people have put down something similar?! More interesting to me is that the arrow from that says "how important?". The finished piece was a sound piece and it has actually been in my thoughts a lot recently in relation to my current project second skin. The aim of that piece was to give the audience an impression of me as a person, without them ever seeing me, or being able to recognise me physically. I'm not sure exactly what the relations are between the old sound piece and my work now. I think in ways I am doing the opposite now. I am working directly from my physical appearance, but not giving a direct view of it. Also I am exploring the connections and seperations between my physical self and my Self. Finally I'm interested in Identity as an idea, a theory, more so than as a reality.

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