Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reality and perception

In the meantime Im trying to work on my essay for CCS (critical and contextual studies), and try and get some studio work done. Im findign the essay terribly interesting because it's completely self-directed so I can write about anything I like. I'm thinking a lot about reality and in particular the place of fiction in reality. Basically for me fiction is as real as reality itself. That's not to say that the things that happened in a fictional story happened to reallife living people, but once you've seen/heard/read a story it is as much a part of your experience as real life experiences. I started this theory after seeing Charles Kauffman's movie Synecdoche NY. Even though the story is very fantastical and 'impossible', the film comments so directly on reality. I was most interested in the development of the ain character and began thinking about how his story refers to my life aswell. Thus I am thinking that my essay will concentrate on the blurry lines between reality and fiction, with reference mostly to some of my favourite films.
In my studio work I am disappointed because I haven't been making anythign and my thoughts have been going around in circles. Thus I have come up with a plan. I have acquired a book called 'readymades', it is basically a make and do book for adults. I am going to use the book as a sort-of brief. I will really quickly start making some of the things in the book and acquiring things to make into other things. And then I will see where it leads me. I have had many worries and doubts about this project but I realise I just have to do it. We'll see what happens!


  1. I think Ive basically changed my mind about the readymades thing. It makes more sense for me to gather objects to make things from and come up with my own ideas, or extensions of the ideas I find in the book or in other places. However, I plan to find these objects at home, and won't be there for at least two weeks! Conundrum!! I've also been thinking for a long time that I want to make a Straitjacket for myself, something I'd like to start during the easter holidays. I'm startign to get exctied about ti, so lets see how it goes!!!

  2. Ooh I like the idea of the straitjacket...about time we kept you under wraps...If you need help being tied up I'm sure Dearbhla will oblige...