Monday, September 21, 2009

The Fear

Im really disappointed in myself today as once again i seem to feel lost in what i might be doing in my work. Im diappointed because for a while id really been beginning to feel like i was actually going somewhere for the first time in quite a while! Tomorrow morning I have to meet my tutor...think this is probably the catalyst- I once again face scrutinty and have to explain myself as an artist. Id rather keep it all in my head or in my room where only I ever have to know about it.
Regardless, I still face the question of what exactly I turn up with tomorrow. All I know for sure is my work is about me. My identity and hidden identity. discovery. I guess I hope that my work will explain it better, but that requires me to actually make it. And then theres the fear that it'll explain me better than I can ever understand.

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