Thursday, September 3, 2009

well this is meant to be an art blog so heres where im at with art. Over the summer I became very cinical about art. I saw very little art i liked. I culdnt remember what it was about art that i liked. I felt like i was beginning to see throught he commerciality of art and behind it there was nothing left. I now have a renewed, if fragile, fate, and a new outlook. Art for the artist. Not for anyone else. Its what I always believed but never had the courage to follow. Before college ended for the summer I became intrigued by Tracey Emin, her honesty, strength, vulnerability and power. Marina Abramovic has always been my favourite artist, probably because she possesses the same qualities. Their works reflects that, without necessarily dealing with it. What I mean is its not the themes or type of work that matters, its the artist that made it. art made for the artist must surely reflect the artist honestly. I guess these are the types of artists/people i identify with or admire maybe. my mission is to make art for me, not art for exhibition or sale. If its good, perhaps it will lend itself to that anyway, or perhaps good art doesnt lend itself to that, which is an idea i like even better!!!!

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