Friday, April 16, 2010


Guess what...Don't know what im doing...AGAIN!
Been looking through my research and my work trying to decide where to focus my attentions, and the same things do reoccur regularly- self and portraiture, barriers or concealment, photography and mirros. However I feel like these ar eall such Ideas. That sounds stupid but what I mean is I don't want to be a conceptual artist. Sure I want ideas in my work, but I don't want it to be about an idea/ideas. I want it to be more writerly than readerly. (sorry, I've begun reading Barthes!). Yet when it comes to making art and thinking about making art all I can do is think about what ideas to out into a piece and how to put them in to best effect. Annoying! So what do you do to avoid oing that? Usual story, just MAKE! stop thinking! and how do I do that?well if I knew!
Chocolate. Thats the answer to every question. Check ya later!

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