Thursday, April 8, 2010

My essay on reality and fiction!

Im just sitting here thinking about whether or not a film I watched can be considered part of my past, almost like something that happened to me? for instance, if Ive seen it does that mean that it has become part of my reality because I have experienced it?? I may learn a lesson from it, or its themes or ideas may reoccur in my head frequently as witha piece of art. I may even use it to explain things to other people. Does it not therefore bcome more and more real to me?? If I learn a lesson or find a new thought does it really matter if it came from a 'real' experience or from a movie?? I still have the lesson. obviously it can be srgued that its not as valuabnle a lesson if its not 'real', but theres also the argument that even though it's fiction it came frm someone elses mind, so it's like being thought a lesson by a teacher, only difference being you havent met the teacher. I guess that means your own perception of the lesson and the tutor would be less biased, and perhaps more honest, or perhaps more naive.
So if i watch a movie and take something from it does that not make the memory of the movie the same as any other memory? does it really matter that I was REALLY there for one experience, and only WATCHED the other?? I only watched documentaries and have still believed them to be real (although I am no longer so naive as to believe them to be the whole truth, the truest truth!). The stories they told became part of reality for me, something that happened, something that I know about, but most importantly they become a situation I have THOUGHT about. For me, this means that film as memories can be just as important, or even more important than real memories, because their affect on my thoughs and therefore actions can be just as powerful! Maybe thats just me though!
This is a really interesting line of thought for me but I cant write the essays without sources and the ideas and thoughts of other more qualified people. This is the hard part. Where to start??!!

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