Thursday, March 3, 2011

windows, reflections and images

(btw, i couldnt work out the performance so i wound up doing something very different, and in my opinion it really didnt work. that is all!)

So, my studio work has taken a turn recently. Somehow I managed to not really think about studio at all until about two weeks ago, and now its changeed quite a bit. my external examiner suggested i bring windows into the studio and project on them and stuff. at the time i really hated the idea but recently its been getting under my skin! Also, I began researching Dan Graham and Gerhard Richter and I became very interested in glass, reflections and projections. Im being very strongly influenced by the things im reading about, and finding it difficult to distinguish between influence and genuine interest.

Top: Dan Graham
Bottom: Gerhard Richter, Eight Gray

I bought a window and took some pictures of it around the courtyard. i also did some tests shots with myself behind the window (bwith the glass taken out) as if i was trying to find a way throught it, like Francesca Woodman did. I also randomly took some shots of windows from both inside and outside, juxtaposing the images with each other. Finally I tried doing a projection thing with a live stream so that the image projected was being filmed and fed back throught the projector and being recorded and refed in a continuous loop. Right now im unsure as to whether to continue any of these.

The things I thought I was thinking about were Baudrillard's ideas the representation can become more real than reality itself and the blurry area inbetween. whats real, whats not etc. the postmodern condition i guess. and also playing with ideas of reality and fiction. I was really interested in putting windows in walls so that it would appear that you could see through it but in fact youd not know if the image was an honest reflection or not. (the image would have to be a projection or a photograph, because their wouldnt really be a hole in the wall, and so the image would always be dishonest because cameras do not record visions as humans do.)

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  1. Back on here after how long? Don't even know how I remembered this, but I see you've been posting since we came back to college! I am afraid I cannot read them all. And I'm sure i've heard most of it from you first hand anyway. But I did like how you reminded me of that glorious day with Dorothy Cross. How easily we forget eh? And now I am wide awake and excited to post things to my terrible and sporadic blog.
    It's twenty to four in the morning.
    But I have to learn to look at the positive.
    What is the positive side you may ask?
    Well I'll tell you.
    I may just be a night person!