Thursday, July 2, 2009

ive been thinking

Its been far too long. Im in edinburgh nearly a monbth now. I was meant to be doing a piece of art every day of the whole summer and it hasnt happened. disappointed. But I have been thinking about art a lot. theres so much to put down here. yesterday me and sinead spent 3hours following arrows drawn in flour and little piles of flour round edinburgh city wondering where it led, who did it and why???????? it was a circle. after three hours we were back where we started! pain in the arse. it must have been an artists work!!!! still, id do it again. it was a whole range of emotions, a whole variety of views of the city and it made me think. the other thing thats in my mind is a film i saw called boogie woogie. iots about the art world. its a completely exaggerated version of the art world and its characters but its made me think about our relationship to art, our obsession with it, and perhaps life without it. It shows the collectors, dealers, artists, friends of artists...making choices between art and family or friends, and art as a business as oppossed to an art. its reall made me wonder about art in my life, where does it fit in?? its a big topic!!

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  1. the artist or whoever might have been filming ye and your reactions.sounds cool three hours is a long time though!