Saturday, October 23, 2010

Philosophy Forum has been a series of strange experiences in an ordinary day!
Somehow today i stumbled across a philosophy forum, and decided to join in order to be able to read everything etc. Somehow though I felt it necessary to comment on a post that claimed art is useless and unimportant. And my comment got a response. It feels very strange to openly, in front of a world of philosophy enthuasiasts to be having a conversation about anything, least of all what feel like a conversation oof my ideas. At first it felt great, jamalrobreplied argeeing with sone of what I had said, and also raising some issues I had not considered in my argument. I agreed with him on my mistakes, and short of one last, slightly thought through point I decided to leave it there. However, he did reply again. Part of this was a quote from Oscar Wilde, a lot of which I disagreed with. This is where I really began to feel the strange situation I had gotten myself into. I almost continued to disagree with Oscar Wilde online in front of a community of philosophy enthuasiasts! What was I thinking! I was so far out of my depth it was incredible. Yet I really wanted to humbly put forward my points along with a discreditor acknowledging my own lack of education. ?!?!?!?!
Somehow I went to wondering if I had started to become part of a community and could have my opinions heard and respected (I know this is ridiculous considering my lack of knowledge of philosophy), to feeling completely out of my depth, yet there is always the possibility that any number of the other users are on a similar level to me, beginners with (what they/we perceive as) good ideas, wanting to discuss, debate and understand furher. Who knows?
It's just so weird to have some guy presumably half way across the world take an interest in my comments, agreement or disagreement!

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  1. Greetings, (whom I might presume to be) "Ms. Teabags":

    I encountered your blog as a "community" keyworded Google search result. I hope to contact community-focused bloggers and invite dialog via my new "Building Stronger Communities" blog site (

    I contacted you because your blog's "Philosophy Forum" post seems to suggest your interest in discussing philosophy and because "Building Stronger Communities" is intended to analyze the fundamental beliefs, principles and goals of individuals and community. Perhaps you might be interested in dialog on these topics.

    The purpose of the analysis and for "Building Stronger Communities" is my experience that examining fundamental community philosophies seems to reveal overlooked conflicts between what we want in our communities and what we establish in them. Hopefully, better understanding of the two can enhance individuals' and communities' goal and strategy effectiveness and well-being.

    I thank you for your time and hope you'll stop by "Building Stronger Communities" to weigh in. I look forward to hearing, or reading, from you and wish you the best.