Friday, October 8, 2010

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As usual, I am back at square one....doing nothing and with no desire to do anything (oh, except there is the fear of not doing anything, thats probably running in my favour!!!). After three weeks of hard-work mondays and no-work every other day Im getting extremely sick of my own company. I mean I know how important it is to start working and now, doing anything at all, I as usual just dont want to! I know Im no waster for the amount of college work I produce I may as well be.
Now, one of the reasons for my spiral of depression started with a really great conversation with my tutor. She helped me work out that maybe taking photographs isnt actually what I want to do. In a way what I am doing is rejecting the authority of the photograph. And perhaps taking photographs is not the best way to do that, although Im bginning to feel that maybe it is. Like, what better way to undermine the medium than by using the medium; it lets you get to grips with is an dbegin to understand it. Perhaps what I need to do is get back into the dark room and 'get a feel' for Image-Making. Essentially that is what Im at so I guess I really should be 'making' the images myself. Yes, this idea pleases me. better go try that...just as well I have a film almost ready to be developed!

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