Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Fears Today

So today I went to shoot the footage of me Crazy Dancing. I was terrified of doing it in front of people and also quite uncomfortable doing it alone!! I really wasnt happy with myself about that for a simple reason...Its been pointed out to me that some of my favourite artists are the ones like Marina Abramovic who put themselves in extreme situations and overcome them. I admire that and struggle is good, but I came close to chickening out! Guess Im delighted that I didnt (Thanks Luke!!!).
Anyway, after the first few seconds I didnt like it! Big mistake that I brought no music, but besides that I just really feel that it doeant fit my own brief set out in my artists statement . It feels like it disproves the ideas. But I do see possibilities in it for a piece outside of my expectations so we continued filming in different places around teh college until the battery died! Now I have technical problems....I cant get the footage onto a computer because Im missing cables, and Ive no charger so thats also a problem. The question of where to go now is difficult to answer. I havent even seen most of the footage. (mental note: technical issues always set you back days, allow for this).
Im reconsidering doing this piece at all for the exhibition but if I can Im gonna get it finished on time anyway, but Id rather like to be working on something I have more personal interest in, although I am scared that my in work I often end up deciding Ive disproved my own theory. Maybe the best thing I can do is use the piece anyway, and let people draw their own conclusions.

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