Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where Im at Now

So at the moment me and my classmates are working towards an exhibition of sculpture and combined media which you can check out at http://www.makeanddospciety.blogspot.com/
Anyway, the point is that that is putting pressure on me to come up with a finished piece in 2 and a half weeks!!!!!!!!! ya im basically screwed! Ive decided to do a video piece and the plan is its going to be based on the crazy dancing technique i mentioned earlier. To explain im going to quote my own artists statement!

I am interested in the idea that everyone has a Core Self and that we build on this Self through our experiences. I am exploring the ways My Self is revealed through spontaneous and seemingly aimless activities.

The idea of the Core Self is quite hard for me to explain but its the idea that we each have a core personality that IS who we are. Its been there since the day we were borna nd will be there until the day we die. Everything else in our characters is variable and changes during and after experiences or events. Its my opinion that the best way to reveal these 'original' characteristics is through 'spontaneous and seemingly aimless activities', that is, the things you do without thinking, the things you like just because you like them, the places you go when youve nowhere to go.

I have to admit theres a flaw in my plan. Crazy Dancing is something slightly different for me...its a release from everyday life, but its not something I do spontaneously. well, the decision to do it is rarely spontaneous but the movements are. like scribbling, it cant be done right or wrong, it can only be done Your way. My plan for the exhibition is to video myself doing crazy dancing in the places that I go to when ive no where else to be and work with the footage.

Im inclined to say "fingers crossed it will actually work" but what I mean is "It may be difficult to make it work but I know I can do it."

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