Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where do I go now?

Is there any such thing as spontaneous or aimless??? I mean sure ideas can come suddenly, but personally I rarely do it immediately, I PLAN to do it someday. Aimless is "without a purpose". Even with scribbling I do it for a reason. Or do I? I guess I just do it because I want to. I know thats a good enough reason, but what good is it to anyone else? what good is it as art?
Carsten Hollers slides are amazing to me because they achieve what I was trying to achieve by giving the public crayons and paper.....a moment of fun, out of the ordinary, a moment for yourself. How can I develop on that? I keep thinking the difference between mine and his is that mine required audience participation, but so did his. A leap of faith in themselves? but so did his. AND these are aspects of art that Id like to bring to the audience. Perhaps I just dont trust them to take that leap and give themselves up to become the art. I should leave that up to each individual. So how can I do something similar???
This means that Im looking at doing an interactive piece. I like it but I do feel like theres not enough art in that for me. I need an object to call the art, perhaps something that Ive made. Could I change it up again and switch it back to video, showing me doing fun stuff like scribbling, sliding, cartwheeling, climbing trees, etc?? Im worried that that would have me looking like a crazy person again like in the Kid Project series of pictures. Hmm.
I like the idea of me looking like a crazy person, but im worried it would be off putting rather than appealling. But maybe theres a project here and I can just start it!!!!!
Thabnks for listening!

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