Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Performance Piece

So then I did a performance because at the time it made sense that the most important thing about the scribbles was the action of doing it so DO it! At the time, bearing in mind the earlier quote I was thinking of scribbling as a leveling type of activity. The idea was that everyone probably had a similar experience of scribbling no matter who they were, or how old. It always aimless and easy. and hopefully fun, a change from the normal rhythm of life, the monotony of doing everything for a reason. Anyway it turns out Carston Holler was ahead of me on this. Check this out..its a fantastic piece!

And heres an image of my performance..just me, some crayons, and 50metres of paper with all the time in the world!!
So, I did it and learned a lot but to be honest I dont think it really worked as a piece. It doesnt seem to have been saying anything really. Plus if one of the main ideas was that there was no right/wrong, good/bad way to scribble thats not the way I was thinking while doing it. I was totally aware of the audiences possible judgements and I adjusted the performance to be "better", completely defeating the point.

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