Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Canteen Scribble Project

Wow didnt mean to type so much...Id been considering barely writing at all!! That backfired!

Anyway...i started working solely with scribbles after that.I scribbled, I got friends to scribble, strangers etc. Most people chose to draw or doodle rather than scribble, and some people wrote and used text. One of my favourites just said "ye suck I figure that what ye would want us to write?" I love it! It kinda says that when I have no rules I dont know what to do so Ill work with the fact that I have no rules but I wont be happy about it. Yet this person Chose to scribble!! strange! Maybe ill put up some of the pages someday! The pics that ARE here are of a project i did in our canteen! It speaks for big sheet, many crayons and lots of randomers!!!!

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