Thursday, March 26, 2009

The spontaneity project

So then i went and took mini-videos of people around college...i just shoved the camera in their faces and ordered them to "do something spontaneous"!!! Everyone failed miserably!!!! Nah its not that they did it badly....they just didnt react spontaneously!!!!!!!!!! apparently spontaneity isnt an easy thing to achieve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually looking back on them now their actually quite brilliant! Loadsa people reacted by saying "I cant THINK of anything spontaneous". I was hoping they wouldnt think at all!!!! With hindsight the camera was probably quite off-putting and maybe i could have redone it another way but i just gave it up!!
Its becoming fairly obvious as I write this that my "failed" projects of the past actually were going somewhere, I never really gave them the chance they deserve and now the themes are reappearing in my work. Its quite exciting actually 'cause to me that means Ive got a common thread, a SOLID starting point! Im not actaully moving haphazardly from one topic to the next! YAY! Im definitely going to think about revisiting this particular piece though because I think it had potential! Excited!
(If you dont see anything reappearing on this soon and are interested feel free to complain me!!:) )

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