Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Time Project

Im not quite sure how it happened but somehow i moved from scribbling to this deep idea of working with time and the Present! My breakthrough was a regular wall clock that ticks loudly, but has no hands......the idea was it emphasises the fact that time is passing and time is now, not what time it is or isn't. If anybody out there feels like taking the hands off their own clocks (they can usually be out back on very easily) do and let me know what it feels like to live with!!!

Oh and check out this deadly watch....its the most accurate watch in the world, no matter your time zone!!!!!!!
I also tried to make a flip clock, something like a desk calendar! The idea was that youd have to change the time yourself by flipping over a page, so it was no good unless you actually knew what time it was already! Thereby commenting on the way we use time.

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